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About Game On Logistics llc

Located in SW Ohio; Game On travels throughout Ohio & Indiana to provide a high quality, small business feel to their clients.  Once the job is done, we stay with our clients for a life time to make sure we can continue that valued trusted advisor relationship...making you a part of the Game On family...and a resource for the next potential client.  

Game On is NOT a landscape or construction company looking to fill the "dead-time" with working on athletic fields.  We are a team that only works on athletic complexes; understanding that athletic fields have higher standards and demands then your typical backyard, flowerbed or roadside drainage ditch.  We are a group that trained on the professional fields that we all see on television and will bring that quality and expected perfection to any field we put our time on.

With those expectations and demands for quality; we will only use the BEST material available, not just by opinion but by proven track records....while doing that, risking that we will NOT always be the "lowest bidder"!

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